Chinese Pinyin 中文拼音:

The pronunciation 发音 of Chinese characters has been romanized into a phonetic system called Pinyin.

A Pinyin is composed of two components: 1. the syllable 音节 2. the tone 声调

Syllable 音节:

A syllable is composed of two components: 1. the Initial 声母 2. the Final 韵母

Initial 声母

b p m f

d t n l

g k h

j q x

z c s

zh ch sh r

y w

Final 韵母

a o e

i u ü

ai ei ui

ao ou iu

ie üe er

an en in

un ün

ang eng ing ong

Tone 声调:

There are 5 pronunciation tones in the Chinese language.

  • the First Tone 第一声 is spoken with a high and level pitch.
  • the Second Tone 第二声 is spoken with a rising pitch.
  • the Third Tone 第三声 is spoken with a dipping pitch.
  • the Fourth Tone 第四声 is spoken with a falling pitch.
  • the Fifth Tone 轻声 is spoken with a neutral tone.